Viridian Microscopes

Denali Inverted Materials Metallurgical Microscope

The Denali is the materials microscope for those parts that are too large to fit beneath a standard compound upright metallurgical microscope. This inverted metallurgical microscope includes a polarizer that can be moved into the light path and a 360° rotatable analyzer. Infinity Corrected Plan Semi Apochromat optics provide clarity at high magnifications with ample working distance. Microscopy cameras and software are available to complete the microscope system.

Optical System Infinity Color Corrected Achromatic Optical System
Viewing Head 45° Inclined gemel trinocular viewing head, interpupillary distance adjustable from 54mm – 75mm. Beam splitter ratio = 100:0, 80:20.
Eyepieces FPL-WF 10x widefield, high eyepoint plan eyepieces, FN22. Reticle retaining ring for 26mm diameter reticle.
FPL-WF 15x widefield, high eyepoint plan eyepieces, FN26. Reticle retaining ring for 25mm diameter reticle.
Objectives Infinity Corrected LWD Plan Achromat Metallurgical 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x.
Infinity Corrected Plan Semi Apochromat Metallurgical 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x.
Nosepiece Reversed quintuple nosepiece.
Focus Adjustment Low-position coaxial focusing system with tension adjustment, coarse focusing 38mm per rotation. Fine adjustment precision of 0.002mm.
Body Automatic voltage sensing power supply 90~240V, removable power cord.
Stage Fixed stage 175mm x 145mm. Mechanical stage available with 130mm (X) x 90mm (Y) travel with two metal inserts. Drop-down right hand coaxial controls.
Illumination Reflected Koehler illumination with adjustable aperture diaphragm and centerable field diaphragm. 12v, 50w halogen bulb with adjustable intensity.
Polarization Polarizer can be shifted out of the light path. Analyzer rotates 360°.
C-Mount Adapters Focusing 0.35x, focusing 0.5x, focusing 0.65x, 1.0x.
Filters Blue filter and green filter.
Reticles Variety of 26mm diameter reticles available including grid, ruler, cross-line, etc. Metric or inches.
Denali Microscope Dimensions

Viridian Denali Microscope Dimensions (mm)

  • Base Depth = 333mm
  • Total Depth = 677mm
  • Eyepiece Height = 384mm
  • Stage Height = 231mm
  • Base Width = 218mm
  • Total Width = 231mm

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